Rapid Response Team


MAIN RAPID RESPONSE PHONE NUMBER, which rings to all team member phones

Here are our other phone numbers in case you need them:

Lynn Castagna
Office: 512.329.1004
Cell:  512.659.5753

Chris Scott
Office: 512.329.1006
Cell: 512.743.3289

Stephen Bega
Office: 512.329.1010
Cell: 512.797.0439

Celeste Kronenberger
Office: 512.329.1009
Cell: 512.923.3148

Our rapid response team is available at all times and all hours to take your call.  If your company or insured has been involved in an accident or situation that needs immediate attention, please contact us.

We can quickly assemble a full team to investigate your trucking or transportation accident, anywhere in Texas.  We have relationships with independent adjusters and accident reconstruction experts.  We can mobilize quickly to preserve evidence, survey the accident scene, interview witnesses, make contact with law enforcement, and ensure that proper drug testing is performed.

We are ready to help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.