Our approach


At Castagna Scott LLP, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations of a defense firm.Our pledges to you:

  • We will aggressively defend your litigation throughout the entire life of the case.
  • We will charge you a fair amount for our work.
  • We will provide straightforward, factual reporting and assessments as the case develops.
  • We will report timely and accurately so you can assess the risks in the case; if you have reporting guideliness, we will meet or exceed them.
  • We will take your phone calls when you call or return your call promptly, usually within a matter of hours.
  • We will provide you with attentive, personalized service; your files will not be passed from lawyer to lawyer.
  • We will provide experienced counsel and advice.
  • We will not paint a rosy picture throughout the discovery phase of the lawsuit, running up our bills, only to change our assessment for no discernible reason on the eve of trial and urge you to settle the case.
  • We will try the case aggressively and professionally.
  • We will provide clear, detailed billing to assist you in understanding exactly what work was performed and how much we are charging for our services.
  • We will utilize technology to increase effectiveness and to reduce costs (including the use of laptop computers and smartphones for every attorney; email; ongoing medical chronologies; calendaring and billing software; and, when appropriate, document visualizers, Powerpoint presentations, and trial presentation software).
  • When desired, we will present bills in electronic format, with or without task-codes, to assist you in analyzing and assessing your defense costs.


Castagna Scott LLP  was formed by Lynn Castagna and Chris Scott on January 1, 2012.

Ms. Castagna was a former partner of Connolly & Castagna, L.L.P., and before that was a partner in Wright & Greenhill, L.L.P., in Austin.

Mr. Scott was a partner in Chaves, Gonzales & Hoblit, in Corpus Christi, worked with the State Bar of Texas in its disciplinary section, and was affiliated with Connolly & Castagna, L.L.P.

Ms. Kronenberger became a partner at the firm in 2013.

We are all experienced defense attorneys, and are committed to providing our clients the highest quality legal services possible and vigorous defenses when involved in lawsuits.

Future Goals

The firm plans to continue its quality representation of its existing clients, and to enlarge its client base and expand the type of cases it handles. Our continued goal is to counsel and represent individuals and businesses who have been sued.